The chapter organizes several major philanthropic events throughout the year. Such events serve not only their chief purpose to raise funds and awareness for the organizations supported, but also as great brotherhood events and ways to involve the community in the chapter’s ongoing work.

Learn more about each of our events:

Winter Warrior

Haunted Trail

Derby Days


Community Service

Brothers are active in the community, volunteering their time and talents to help improve our campus and the larger Rochester area. In addition to performing service at RIT, the chapter is active with the Adopt A Highway program and works to keep 2.3 miles of road in Henrietta clean and free of garbage.

Brothers clean up our Adopted Highway on Jefferson Road in front of RIT.
Brothers clean up our Adopted Highway on Jefferson Road in front of RIT.

Haunted Trail

When: Brick City Weekend (Fall Semester)
Where: Grace’s Woods
Philanthropy supported: Children’s Miracle Network
Co-sponsors: Delta Phi Epsilon

Each fall the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon and the brothers of Sigma Chi descend on the Gracie’s woods to construct spooky scenes and stories for haunted tours. Participants must face their fears as they are lead down scary trails and past frightening characters.
Haunted Trail

Winter Warrior

When: Early spring (Spring Semester)
Where: Gracie’s Fields
Philanthropy supported: Veterans Outreach Center
Co-sponsors: Phi Kappa Psi

Winter Warrior is a obstacle course that is held during RIT’s FreezeFest. Winter Warrior is hosted by the brothers of Phi Kappa Psi and Sigma Chi with proceeds benefiting the Veterans Outreach Center, Inc.

Teams compete to be the fastest through the obstacle course in hopes of earning first place. The obstacles include a trench crawl, a hurdle jump, wind-sprints, burpees, a snowball toss, a sled race, a farmer’s walk, and a three-legged race concluding with the running of a 1,000 meter dash.


Derby Days

When: Late spring (Spring Semester)
Where: Across Campus
Philanthropy supported: Huntsman Cancer Institute

Derby Days is a week of activities and exciting competition between organizations on campus facilitated by the brothers of Sigma Chi. Teams led by Sigma Chi captains compete to earn points and be recognized as the winner at the end of week awards ceremony. All proceeds go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute for cancer research and care.

In 2016 Sigma Chi, the winners Alpha Xi Delta along with Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Phi Epsilon, and Zeta Tau Alpha raised over $20,000!


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