In addition to all the opportunities listed here, Sigma Chi has awards that can be earned either by individuals or by Sigma Chi chapters as a whole. You can find them listed on Sigma Chi’s website here.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Sigma Chi Foundation is one of the largest educational foundations in the Greek World. In 2009, the Sigma Chi Foundation gave out in excess of $425,000 in scholarships to brothers and colony members. Additionally, the Foundation funded in excess of $1.5 million in leadership programming, a feat not rivaled by any other fraternity. Applications are available each year here.


Leadership Opportunities

Balfour Leadership Training Workshop

The Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, established in 1947, is a program designed to improve the quality of leadership in the Fraternity. Each August, leaders from Sigma Chi’s undergraduate chapters spend four days on a college campus, deeply immersed in presentations, discussions, and problem solving sessions about chapter operations and other issues that affect a chapter’s efficacy.

Brothers at the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop
Brothers at the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop


Horizons is a challenging and proven leadership program specifically created for Sigma Chi underclassmen who are eager and willing to improve themselves and their world. At Horizons, undergraduates experience a six-day immersion in whole-brained learning that engages both mind and body.

During the experience, participants explore the inner territories of leadership. Horizons participants learn how leadership is directly linked to your values and character; how to incorporate high-minded values into a lifelong practice of leadership; and how to discover and utilize their talents to their full potential.

Brothers from chapter around the US and Canada at Horizons at Snowbird, Utah
Brothers from chapter around the US and Canada at Horizons at Snowbird, Utah


Crossroads (formerly Choices) is an innovative alcohol abuse prevention program for college students that was written by Alan Marlatt and George Parks of the Addictive Behaviors Research Center at the University of Washington and published by The Change Companies. The program is based upon 20 years of research funded by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and has been recognized as the most effective approach to alcohol abuse prevention for college students.

Following initial positive implementation of the Crossroads program by the Sigma Chi chapter at the University of Idaho, Sigma Chi Headquarters teamed up with the program authors to tailor the program specifically to Sigma Chi.

The program uses a harm reduction approach to educate students about the risks associated with excessive alcohol use while engaging them in a self reflective and group discussion process to evaluate ways they can socialize while reducing their exposure to harm as a result of high-risk drinking. The program also challenges Sigma Chis to integrate the standards of Sigma Chi into their personal decisions about alcohol use.