My Horizons Experience – Ben Zenker

Sigma Chi Horizons was a truly defining moment in my life. The amount of content that was packed into my 7 day journey to Utah was unbelievable. The connections that I made with the other young men in my group rival those found in my own pledge class of Sigma Chi, Lambda Kappa.

The leadership experience is a journey of small expeditions, but they add up to many grand themes. Each one challenges you in different ways, and by the end, you’ve learned so much that you truly are a different person than the one who walked through the door on the first day.


I know for a fact that Horizons has affected my life because I notice myself on a daily basis, using the new knowledge that I gained. It has improved how I interact with people of all social styles, and has made me more aware of how I am leading. It gave me the methods needed to become an even better leader.


I often find myself assessing the way I have performed as a leader throughout my week, in a very similar way that I would assess others at Horizons, and it has allowed me to create a dynamic leadership workflow for my own personal improvement.


Horizons was challenging. It challenged the way I think, it challenged the way I lead, and it challenged my individual values. Horizons was an enlightening experience, it not only opened my eyes to many improvements for myself, but for my chapter, my organization, and my entire community.

Horizons set me on a path to success and equipped me with the tools I need to change world.

Ben Zenker #59